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It starts like this.

you hold your hand out
I volunteer

The song is called "An Invitation," the very first track on Jodie Landau's very first album, and by the time he gets to the last lines—

I'll blindly follow anywhere
for you dear

—the listener is sure to know just how he feels. The sonorities here are so sweet, and Landau's delivery so delicate, it would be impossible not to resist this song's invitation into his musical world.

Out now on the Icelandic artist-run label Bedroom Community Records, Landau's debut, "you of all things," is radiantly lovely in every detail, but perhaps the loveliest of all is Landau's astonishing vocal performance. As the music demands, it rises to something like a bellow, then sinks back to the airiest whisper, and even as it approaches silence remains impressively nuanced and controlled—it loves the microphone, and the mic plainly reciprocates.

How does he exert so much control over his voice, and still manage to sound so natural? On "an invitation," the words and music are his own, but he and the Los Angeles–based new music ensemble known as wild Up (note the eccentric capitalization) have assembled a bouquet of new works by an eclectic handful composers—Landau, Marc Lowenstein, Ellen Reid and Andrew Tholl—all of whose music he, the virtuosi of wild Up, and director Christopher Rountree champion with effortless style. And Landau himself does triple duty here, not only writing and singing but soloing on a variety of percussion instruments.

But the extravagant finishing touch is the contribution of Graduale Nobili, the choir of women's voices Björk fans will remember from her "Biophilia" tour. Recorded in Iceland—along with wild Up and Landau—by Bedroom Community founder Valgeir Sigurðsson, their expansive, richly colored sound lends the album a quasi-symphonic grandeur, making "you of all things" a truly luxurious maiden voyage, to an extraordinary destination.

Q2 Music (October 5th 2015)

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you of all things
Released on 2 October 2015
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