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Catalog Number: HVALUR22

Released: December 08 2014

| Download €10 | LP €17.99

  1. Venter - Evian Christ TF 12” Mix
  2. Venter - Dutch E Germ Remix
  3. Venter - HTRK Remix
  4. No Sorrowing - Kangding Ray Remix
  5. Nolan - Regis Self Medicating Edit

Ben Frost is releasing a brand new EP, V A R I A N T, out on vinyl and download on 8 December 2014.

This limited edition EP features remixes of tracks taken from the latest album A U R O R A by British producer Evian Christ (following his critically acclaimed Waterfall EP and work with Kanye West); Downward label boss and techno producer Regis (previous remix credits inc. VCMG, Terence Fixmer), Good by Air affiliated experimental artist Dutch E Germ (previous remix credits inc. Fatima Al Qadiri and Mas Ysa); Australian duo HTRK and raster-noton recording artist Kangding Ray.

Please note that the U.S.A vinyl release date is 12 January 2015 so all LP orders will be shipped that week. Digital files will be released 8 December 2014. 

What the press says

...charismatic and cocky… V A R I A N T’s greatest strength is its palpable character.

Drowned in Sound (December 3rd 2014) ★★★★★★★ Read all reviews

Have we learned much from this exercise about the music of Ben Frost? I think so. Sure, it’s not obvious remix material due to its already fragmented sound world that borders on the edge of decay itself. But this mixed bag of remixes shows just how intense and fragile Frost’s compositions really are with the slightest nudge – however well-meaning – seemingly able to topple his aural sculptures. However, in the hands of the masterful Regis, we discover that those limitations can prove to be a gift to those who, like Frost, revel in the perverse art of sonic deconstruction and reconfiguration.

Line Of Best Fit (December 4th 2014) ★★★★★★★ Read all reviews

American experimental artist Dutch E Germ’s radical, droning rework of Venter is probably the most adventurous track here, giving proper attention to both the noise and the delicacy of Frost’s original.

4ZZZ (December 9th 2014) Read all reviews

...artists’ intelligent treatment of Frost’s material: a clean polish to the harsh ambiguities of his sound.

The Brag (December 9th 2014) Read all reviews

If a remix EP is only as good as its remixers, then Ben Frost’s V A R I A N T has a hell of a lot going for it. Kangding Ray, HTRK, Regis, Evian Christ and Dutch E Germ transform selections from the Reykjavík-based experimentalist’s stunning A U R O R A LP, using its thunderous percussion and icy textures in five distinctive ways

Resident Advisor (December 16th 2014) Read all reviews

...Nolan remix – it’s the only track on the EP that comes close to combining beauty and horror the way Frost himself does so perfectly…

Renowned For Sound (December 16th 2014) Read all reviews

This is energetic and essential listening.

Exclaim Magazine (December 16th 2014) Read all reviews

V A R I A N T is a collection of remixed songs that does its job perfectly as an accompanying part to Ben Frost’s interstellar expedition, and successfully displays the skills of every producer without compromising any real flow or dragging on at any point.

Sputnik Music (December 16th 2014) Read all reviews

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