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Three years ago, the meeting notes and vibrant acoustic vibrations vocal arrangements of arcs of Valgeir Sigurðsson and Nico Muhly had made ​​its official debut " En Garde "a jewel prominent than the average but good proposals songwriting. For his second job, Terry Magson, the British artist who likes to hide under the enigmatic alias Puzzle Muteson, however, has not been content to replicate the formula, even in spite of the eleven tracks that make up "Theatrics" have been registered at the Icelandic Greenhouse Studios and produced by the same Sigurðsson with Boe Weaver.

At constant linear writing and emotional interpretations of Magson, a record corresponds occasion even more discreet instrumental and essential to airy string orchestrations debut replacing mostly underwater sound muffled, on which notes and voice are left free to ring, designed by moderate flows synthetic and marked with a strong emphasis on the rhythmic elements can be welded to those produced by the dance of his fingers on the strings of the acoustic guitar or - as happens more often now - on the piano keys. They are suffused hugs electronic and synth Sigurðsson of Muhly and Rutger Zuydervelt ( Machinefabriek ) to amplify the songs of songwriter English, no less inclined to romance nor a resigned suddenly seized with synthetic temptations.

In fact, there are glaring differences in register with respect to what had impressed in their debuts, even the renunciation of the plant orchestral arrangements even allows the elements of the cornerstones of the songs rise in the foreground on a sound space expanded and, in fact, impalpable defined almost exclusively by the vibrations of glockenspiel and percussion equally nuanced. Still, the overall result of the songs is very organic, also orchestral in conception rather than in the instruments, as it captures the opening chorus of "Belly" and the beautiful vocal duet of "By Night", an extraordinary duet with Chantal Acda .

Although there is no lack sparse snapshots guitar-and-voice, in which Magson dusts off a fragile intimacy drake-ian-based picking and interpretations bittersweet ("We Are One"), as underpinned by iterated rhythmic cadences ("River Women"), is the preponderance of the piano to shape decisively the evolutionary significance of "Theatrics" in the short path of the English artist. Night and Ballads such as "Bells", "Winter Hold" and "City Teeth" will redefine the profile to include quality of an Anthonystripped from the emphasis and filtered through the fragile emotionality of Christopher Barnes ( Gem Club ). The combination that ends the album, then, is a dual propensities look at past and (possibly) a track for the future, in the form of an amazing cover of "True Faith" by New Order and discoloration of the piano arpeggios synth of "Chair".

But above all, "Theatrics" is a new testimony of an artist of rare sensitivity and expressive capability, which in one dimension if possible even more essential and shadowy, as an engineer with extreme care by capable staff, the context is to shine his songs straightforward and clear, that they can speak directly to the heart.

Music Will Not Save You (October 6th 2014)

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