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SÓLARIS is inspired by Stanislaw Lem's book of the same name and the subsequent film by Tarkovsky. Its initial performance also featured electronic manipulation of the film by Brian Eno and Nick Robertson.

Realistically you'd expect it to be stunted when detached from its visual other. This album though…this album is pretty damn good. Pretty, pretty damn good. A slow surging cacophony of sounds clustering and compacting in space, making it so dense and thick that it's almost hard to breathe, then release when the piece ends and the space is clear. Sigh of relief.

It's one for the headphones. Or earphones. Or whatever the hell you use to block out the outside world. One for the dark. Lock the door, phone off, turn out the lights, lie in bed, close eyes, open ears, nothing gets in but the sounds coming through the speakers. Immersion therapy.

Just shut up and listen, ok?

Clyde Bradford

The Reykjavík Grapevine (February 7th 2012)

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