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How do you set up an orchestra in twenty minutes?  I watched it happen and still am not sure how it was pulled off exactly.  Performing with the Reykjavík Symphonia, Daníel Bjarnason showcased work from his most recent release on Bedroom Community: “Over Light Earth.”  Joined again by afore mentioned BC friends, this work was massive and a true joy to witness live.  The continual re-defining of of classical music is characteristic of Bjarnason and this performance was no exception.  

Playing piano, while simultaneously conducting, each piece vibrantly shined with the amazing musicianship gathered on stage.  A guest appearance from Miriam Wallentin, also know as Miriam the Believer,  brought the house to rapt attention with lines like: “the stars sang in their sockets through the night, blow bright, blow bright.” Bjarnason is currently working on new music for the L.A. Philharmonic this evening afforded the audience intimate access to one of the most exciting, thoughtful and inspired composers working today.

Burke Jam

Reykjavík Grapevine (November 5th 2013)

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