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Hauntingly beautiful that moves the soul

From the Isle of Wight this is the debut album from a sensitive and aware artist who should be embraced by the wider public. Due to play at this year's Bestival in September and at select European venues he is slowly building a following. This ten track album is very personal and very much a labour of love.

Many of the song are acoustic-based and all show a serious attitude to life but picked with a childlike sincerity. Flamingo Head has a good initial opening that continues throughout. Laying the foundations for a second album as this concluding tune will please many who follow Puzzle Muteson's music religiously. The poignancy of this record has the ability to move and reduce many to tears of sheer emotion. Long may this continue and hopefully be maintained in the follow up album.

Russell Hill

Maverick (June 15th 2011)

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