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Quitting a nearly decade-long gig as studio sidekick to the world’s premiere bird-wearing alterna-elf to start a record label while the music industry burns doesn’t sound like a good idea—it sounds like career suicide. But for Icelandic superproducer, and Björk engineer Valgeir Sigurðsson, the gamble paid off. Not only did he miss out on the uneven mishmash of Volta, he’s proved he’s more than just a knob twiddler on his gorgeous solo debut, Ekvílibríum. Previously, his most lauded works have sat on opposite sides of the spectrum: On one end, the super-processed microglitches of Vespertine and Medúlla; on the other, Bonnie 'Prince' Billy’s mostly acoustic, string-laden The Letting Go. Sigurðsson splits the difference between the two on the album’s standout, “Evolution Of Waters.” The track is practically an advertisement for the Icelandic Culture Board, hitting all the touchstones of its musical stars (Björk’s aching strings, Sigur Rós’s evolving slabs of atmosphere, Múm’s radio-static percussion) while avoiding their pitfalls (histrionics, you-sai-lo’ing, evil-little-girl vocals). Sigurðsson demonstrates why he remained Björk’s right-hand man for so long, showcasing his uncanny knack for wedding the electronic and the organic and creating a must-listen for any Icelandophile. (Or for anyone who’s wondered what Múm would sound like with a vastly superior singer.)

Tom Mallon

paperthinwalls (September 6th 2007)

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