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Catalog Number: HVALUR16

Released: November 12 2012

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  1.     Part I
  2.     Part II
  3.     Part III (The 8th Tune)
  4.     Part IV
  5.     Part V
  1.     Part I Material in D
  2.     Part II Material in a Handsome Stack
  3.     Part III Material with no Tricks
  4.     Part IV Material in a Long Cadence
  1.     Part I Material in Eb
  2.     Part II Material in Sevenths
  3.     Part III Material in Two Keys
  4.     Part IV Material with Shifting Drones
  1.     Drones in Large Cycles
"I started writing the Drones pieces as a method of developing harmonic ideas over a static structure. The idea is something not unlike singing along with one’s vacuum cleaner, or with the subtle but constant humming found in most dwelling-places. We surround ourselves with constant noise, and the Drones pieces are an attempt to honor these drones and stylize them."
-Nico Muhly
Drones consists of the Nico Muhly’s three EP’s Drones & Piano, Drones & Viola and Drones & Violin, with a special bonus composition. Performing the pieces are Bruce Brubaker, Nadia Sirota and Pekka Kuusisto along with Muhly himself. Drones was recorded and produced by Valgeir Sigurðsson in the Greenhouse studios in Iceland.


What the press says

The EP is a lilting, sometimes arch set of modern classical composition – by no means intimidating to neophytes, and encoded with delightful little motifs.

Breaking down as a cycle of five efficiently short pieces, the results are captivating and continue to strengthen the case for Nico Muhly as one of the world’s consistently brilliant young composers.

Boomkat (May 25th 2012) Read all reviews

Brubaker alternates between lovely ivory lines and frantic, freeform eighty-eights pounding, while Sirota tends to supply sublimely droning string swells in the background.

Exclaim! (May 25th 2012) Read all reviews

Drones & Piano is an expressive, enchanting, moving skein.

Lucy Jones — The Telegraph (May 28th 2012) Read all reviews’s real appeal is in savouring how Muhly creatively uses consonance and dissonance with his chosen drone.

Don’t assume this five-song collection sounds like your aunt singing Duran Duran whilst lugging a Dyson across the living room… the bedrock of these pieces becomes highly charged; stuck within a confined space they so desperately want to break free of.

For a large part of this quarter of an hour, Brubaker pokes the keys of his piano in an obsessive and compulsive way, and gives a strength and intensity to the story that at times abstracts any particular genesis or conception of the project, as if everything came to life on its own and full of meaning much beyond the constitution and starting point of the scores.

Playground Mag (June 22nd 2012) ★★★★★★★★ Read all reviews is both playful and studied, something incredibly hard to achieve. Well worth a closer look.

Boomkat (August 7th 2012) Read all reviews

These are drones with an intellect.

Robinson Meyer — The Atlantic (August 20th 2012) Read all reviews

The sharp bites of fingers crashing against the piano’s keys put against high pitched whirrs of the violin take you on a incredible journey through suspense and terror.

Francesca Davison — Dummy (August 30th 2012) Read all reviews

Nico Muhly has an intriguing creative mind; [Drones & Violin is] an interesting work and yet another addition to his diverse back catalogue.

The 405 (September 5th 2012) ★★★★★★★ Read all reviews

Muhly’s versatility has been commented on plenty at this point, and this series finale is yet more ammunition.

Boomkat (September 6th 2012) Read all reviews

Muhly challenges his compositional skills rather brilliantly and creates three intensely captivating series of compositions.

Bruno Lasnier — The Milk Factory (September 6th 2012) ★★★★★★★★★★ Read all reviews

What is noteworthy here is the way songcraft repeatedly emerges from tension. Muhly’s explorations never fail to find something worthwhile.

Tobias Carroll — Dusted (October 5th 2012) Read all reviews

A compelling trio of EPs.

eMusic (November 12th 2012) Read all reviews

Drones is a necessary acquisition for anyone interested in Muhly’s work outside pop.

AllMusic (November 19th 2012) ★★★★★★★★ Read all reviews

...Nico Muhly’s pieces feel like a series of archly posed questions. In their formal inventiveness, love of blank space, and haiku-like neatness, they arouse the part of your brain that suspects it’s being outsmarted…To feel your intellect being playfully, patiently tested, as if he is circling your mind and kicking its tires, can be a wonderfully maddening experience.

Jayson Greene — Pitchfork (November 29th 2012) ★★★★★★★★ Read all reviews

“...the best thing I’ve ever heard of Muhly’s…”

Steve Hicken — Burning Ambulance (December 4th 2012) Read all reviews

One of the most impressive aspects of these pieces is the variety of relationships that unfold between the “solo” instruments and the drones…beautifully despondent.

The Boston Globe (December 22nd 2012) Read all reviews

“...the latest from this brilliant, boundary-pushing composer [...] is post-minimal virtuosity, sometimes rollicking in nods to the likes of Rzewski, sometimes static sculpture, sometimes rock-and-roll. It’s, vitally, never timid.”

Create Digital Music (December 26th 2012) Read all reviews

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