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Catalog Number: HVALUR8

Released: March 02 2010

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  1. Grýlukvæði
  2. Dreamland
  3. Past Tundra
  4. "I offer prosperity and eternal life..."
  5. Laxness
  6. Hot Ground, Cold
  7. Draumaland
  8. Economic Hitman
  9. Cold Ground, Hot
  10. Beyond The Moss
  11. Nowhere Land
  12. Helter Smelter

Valgeir Sigurðsson has made his name as an exponent of musical subtlety. As an engineer and producer, he's often focused on the intimate, the miniature. On his solo debut Ekvílibríum, his songwriting and composition tended towards the muted or the oblique. His best-known work is punctuated with question marks and ellipses, and not so many exclamation points.

But this is only one side of his musical capabilites. Draumalandið (“Dreamland”), a documentary about the exploitation of Iceland's natural resources, tells a story about huge things—the fortunes of a whole nation; the destruction of vast landscapes; and the global economic forces, greater still than any nation, that fuel it all—and for his soundtrack to the film, Valgeir has brought out a heavier set of tools. His entire roster of Bedroom Community labelmates contributes in some way to the creation of the score: classical composers Nico Muhly and Daníel Bjarnason, industrial wizard Ben Frost, and American folksinger Sam Amidon, along with a host of others, and the small orchestra assembled for the record swells from moments of expansive beauty into massive, surging symphonic force. Its harmonies are anxious, pulsing, driven.  

What the press says

 Here, Sigurðsson adopts a restrained approach to the soundtrack to a particularly grave film, and he does so with great lucidity, underlying the content with powerful yet discreet touches. His greatest achievement is to manage to give the music an identity away from the images it was written for.  

The Milk Factory (February 24th 2010) ★★★★★★★★★ Read all reviews

 On Draumalandid, a soundtrack for a new Icelandic environmental documentary, Valgeir Sigurðsson goes the extra mile to produce work that stands up against the best of its genre.  

Brian Howe — Pitchfork (March 3rd 2010) ★★★★★★★★ Read all reviews

Sigurðsson’s touch is at its most precise here, crafting an emotional weight that is moving, but not overstated. With such a keen ear for composition and flow, Sigurðsson has created a score that sounds remarkably evocative of the film’s main themes, while still able to stand alone as an album. At the very least, Draumalandið is another brilliant showcase of Bedroom Community’s burgeoning potential.    

“Draumalandið is a forceful and poignant piece of work, and as part of the larger film project its quite outstanding.”

Matt Poacher — The Line of Best Fit (March 16th 2010) Read all reviews

“Starting with a vocal number and ending with harrowing bombast, this soundtrack covers a lot of ground with grace…”

Greg Argo — Adequacy (June 22nd 2010) Read all reviews

“...everything about this collection of feelings, emotions and resonant creative constructions is pretty much immaculate.”

Joe Shooman — Grapevine (September 2nd 2010) Read all reviews

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