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Beautifully compelling debut release by a real find, American composer, sound recordist and engineer Paul Corley, with post-production and additional instrumentation by Ben Frost, Valgeir Sigurdsson, Matthew Collings and Paul Evans. On the four parts of 'Disquiet' Corley manifests a sublime yet ominous tension from found sounds, (prepared) piano keys, strings and electronics pieced together with the most discreet, spacious haptic sensitivity and tone. It treads a very fine line between neo-classical (de)composition and metaphysical field recordings that so many have tried yet failed to capture so delicately as this. To be fair it's what you'd expect from a Bedroom Community issue, but there's also a somatic feel which can't be classified so easily. Check!

Boomkat (November 1st 2012)

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Released on 5 November 2012
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