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Out on the Bedroom Community label, this is James McVinnie, a master of the pipe organ in more ways than one. ‘Cycles’ is a project led by McVinnie and featuring a few friends, Nadia Sirota on Violin, Chris Thompson on Marimba and Simon Wall on Tenor, a journey into the often ignored church/pipe organ. Many would say that it’s quite a stuffy old-fashioned instrument only ever heard at weddings or funerals, McVinnie states that “the organ is like a grand symphony orchestra controlled by one person” - it’s plain to see exactly what he means here as ‘Cycles’ is a big, big sound, cathedral-esque and in places overwhelming, with only the addition of the violin and the beautiful tenor vocal performance from Simon Wall on the first part of ‘Seven O Antiphon Preludes’.

It still has a certain religious element to it and I think it’s hard to shake that thought, it’s just what we’re used to I guess, this is a very interesting album nonetheless, if anything it’s a great introduction to the sounds and capabilities of an instrument that a lot of us know absolutely nothing about.

Norman Records (August 8th 2013) ★★★★★★★

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