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Ben Frost’s debut for the Bedroom Community label, Theory Of Machines, was one of my favourite records of a few years back, a skilful blend of ambient drones and electronica with much harsher, processed sounds. So which direction will he go in for the follow up? Well, it is called By The Throat. The front cover has a pack of wolves on it. What do you reckon? In case you hadn’t guessed, this isn’t an easy listen. In fact it sounds like Frost has spent the last few years listening to those masters of the abrasive texture, Pan Sonic. Right from first track “Killshot”, the album bares its teeth, repeated heavily granulated snarls rising to a malevolent howl by its end. The thread/threat of violence runs throughout in widescreen horror film style. Those wolves make a couple of guest appearances, firstly amongst the wailing sirens of “The Carpathians“, and then again on the dirty drone outro of “Leo Needs A New Pair Of Shoes”. Why does he need new shoes? Because WOLVES ATE THEM, obviously. Even the relatively pretty horns and majestic melodies of “Hibakusja” are set about with electronic machinery which chews them up and spits them out, leaving them in such a state that they could only be recognised by dental records. This is horrible. Horrible in its lesser-used sense in which it means “utterly brilliant”. The combined list of musicians featured on the credits is lengthy, including labelmates Valgeir Sigurdsson, Sam Amidon and Nico Muhly, as well as the strings of Amiina and the undefinable talents of Lawrence English. However By The Throat feels like the realisation of one man’s brutal visions, and when Ben Frost grabs you, he is pretty hard to shake off. By The Throat is available now from Bedroom Community.

Mapsadaisical (October 19th 2009)

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