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So this guy has been around the block a bit...did the strings on Feist’s album, worked with Damon Albarn on his Dr Dee folly. This is apparently his third album, I’ve yet to hear the other two - Bonnie Prince Billy is on one of them. Anyway this one is wholly instrumental and is at times a mind-numbingly beautiful take on your neoclassical thing utilising piano, wonderfully evocative viola/violin and plenty

Highlights are aplenty. ‘Erased Duet’ is a gorgeously brief evocation starring just plucked strings and viola. Elsewhere ‘Guardian at the Door’ is heavier and more chilling. There are a wide variety of moods present which (thank goodness) dissipates any ‘chocolate box tweeness’ that ruins many other albums of this ilk. ‘The Crumbling’ is the kind of track which exemplifies the mind set perfectly, sparsely struck piano, searing violin, weird scratchy noises, it’s not overly melodic nor dissonant but strikes the correct balance between the two. You can compare it to all the greats:- Rachel’s ‘Music for Egon Schiele’, Max Richter, Johann Johannsson, Hildur Gudnadottir...

Norman Records (September 21st 2012) ★★★★★★★★★★

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