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The Quietus saw Ben Frost supporting Swans last year, and heck it was a good gig - the man's electronic battery bolstered by some extra live drum pugilism. We're therefore excited to report that Frost has a new album due out this spring, and that it'll be released via Mute, who are having a particularly exciting 2014, working in collaboration with Bedroom Community. The album is called A U R O R A and will be out on May 26th. We're told that it was made with musicians including Greg Fox (formerly of Liturgy), Shahzad Ismaily and THE MIGHTY THOR OF SWANS, and was written in the Democratic Republic Of The Congo. It was mixed by Valgeir Sigurðsson of Bedroom Community.

The first of a series of preview films by Trevor Tweeten and Richard Mosse can be seen above, and while we wait for more music we're told that "These lean, athletic visions seem to stand testament to a kind of survival - a proof of life. Muscular shapes maintained only to a level of functioning physical survival, of necessity, and no further; filthy, uncivilised, caked in sweat, and battery acid. This is no pristine vision of digital music; but an offering of interrupted future time, where emergency flares illuminate ruined nightclubs and the faith of the dancefloor rests in a diesel-powered generator spewing forth its own extinction, eating rancid fuel so loudly it threatens to overrun the very music it is powering. Curiously, darkness is expelled to the muddy sedge and a confusing irradiant glow permeates A U R O R A, where everything once wounded, remains fiercely animate and luminescent with charged destruction."

Expect this to be Zane Lowe's "hottest record up my arse right now!" some time soon. Frost plays Village Underground in London on April 26th and Sonar, Barcelona on June 12th.

The Quietus (March 4th 2014)

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