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Okay let's face it, every time you listen to an artist from Iceland you can expect something very special. Iceland the country where acts like Björk, Mùm or Sigur Ros are coming from. BEN FROST is an Australian-born musician based in Iceland. So the flair and atmosphere from the cold country surely influenced his music. He is active as a soundtrack-composer and producer and sometimes he also brings out a solo album.

In this case it's called A U R O R A  and to say now it's rock or pop, singer-songwriter or electronica, well that would be an impossible mission. So as every music has to be baptized let's call it noise-electronica. Already the first track 'Flex' comes around with a very claustrophobic sound and this one stays all over the album. It's a freezing cold atmosphere and sometimes even scary. This music is only made for very strong nerves. Best example 'Diphenyl Oxalate'. Electronica meets Metal-like sounds. It's like somebody would drill a hole in your head or you can compare it to a nightmare trip to the dentist. The last time I heard such music when I listened to Aphex Twin for the first time. Maybe it's also a good way to describe the album Aphex Twin meets Ministry. 'A single point of blinding light' closures this surreal trip in the same way it started, in one word: Disturbing.

A U R O R A is certainly not the album you put on when you take a nice car drive or when you have friends over for dinner, except when you want to chase them away. No this album only gets to you after the fourth of fifth time of listening, but once it takes you prisoner it doesn't let you go again


Medicine Magazine (May 16th 2014)

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