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9 January 2013

2012 Roundup & CD Giveaway

2012 was quite the year for Bedroom Community. To freshen your memory and perhaps win a CD or two, read on...

Valgeir Sigurðsson
composed music for Stephen Petronio's ballet Architecture Of Loss and later released the music as his third solo album. He also kept busy in Greenhouse studios, got picked up by legendary publishing company Faber, played Donau festival and Winnipeg New Music festival with Nico and Daníel, plus a number of other concerts...

"Released the music from Architecture of Loss and did a run of shows with the Stephen Petronio Company at Joyce. Other recordings with Alexi Murdoch, Barr Brothers, Ben Frost, Coco Rosie, Damon Albarn, Daníel Bjarnason, Marketa Irglova, Nadia Sirota, Nico Muhly, Paul Corley, Puzzle Muteson, Tim Hecker. Some have already been released into the world others still in progress. Concerts with many of the aforementioned and also Rhys Chatham, Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra. Remixed Dawn Landes. Iceland Airwaves was one of the best Bedroom Community so far, had a brief moment of disco between Shahzad Ismaily on drums and me on bass during Sam's set. Published by Faber Music. Visited Uganda. Got engaged. It was a longer-than-usual year."
Ben Frost worked on his upcoming opera The Wasp Factory, scored Reynir Lyngdal's FROST, Tom Clancy's Rainbow 6 Patriots and two Falk Richter pieces (Rausch & Büchner) as well as Baltasar Kormákur's Djúpið with Daníel. He also toured quite a bit with his various projects as well as producing some music and working on his next album...

"According to itunes I "viewed" Groundhog Day 17 times this year, Mark Hollis still makes everyone else look stupid, (myself included) I worked, I ate I slept (occasionally in a bed). It is my opinion that there are just not enough natural deaths these days.
Nico Muhly composed an EP trilogy with Bruce Brubaker, Nadia Sirota and Pekka Kuusisto which resulted in his fourth Bedroom Community full-length; Drones. As usual he stayed busy throughout the year, composing Planetarium with Bryce Dessner and Sufjan Stevens plus what seems like at least fifty other pieces of music…

"Airwaves was the best this year!  We were all there, and we all played all the time, and made a huge mess, and didn't disgrace ourselves or others, and made new friends, and braved the insane wind.
Sam Amidon spent a great deal of the year on the road, playing packed solo shows as well as touring with Beth Orton, Bon Iver and others. He didn't care for Hurricane Sandy jeopardizing him being able to be part of the Bedroom Community label night at Iceland Airwaves and so spent a ridiculous amount of time traveling to Reykjavík, seemingly staying only a second but somehow managing to play two fantastic concerts before getting back on the plane...

"This was a year called 2012.  I was worried about this year, because I have been studying very closely the films of Kirsten Dunst and her facial acting expressions during these films - especially Spiderman 2, Spiderman 3, Wimbledon, that one with the dude from Lord of the Rings, not to mention Marie Antoinette, right up through Melancholia - and I felt like she was trying to tell us, to warn us about something, something intense and foreboding, through her acting expressions in those films, something very significant about the year 2012.  And then I really freaked out when, in the summer of this year, a new film came out called "Spider-Man," and she was not in it.  I thought to myself: "she is trying to tell us something, even through her absence."  But as it happens, I think we have made it, made it to the end of 2012, and we are still here, despite her warnings.
  Another significant thing that happened for me this year is that I learned about a really wonderful form of music, called "ZZ Top."  My friend Oren initially taught me about this kind of music, when we walked into the bar, and some of this music was playing on the radio, and he said, "You know, this ZZ Top album Tres Hombres, there isn't a bad song on this album. Every song is good."  And I had never heard that music, the music by ZZ Top.  And now I have, and it is so beautiful.  I feel like the music of ZZ Top, especially on the album Tres Hombres, it says this to me:
  "We are making this music, so that you don't have to, so that nobody ever has to again, because we are making it, in this way, now." "
Daníel Bjarnason premiered two pieces with the LA Phil in Walt Disney Hall, got nominated in two categories for the Icelandic Music Awards, scored Djúpið with Ben, played New Music festival and worked on his next album...

"Composing:  Yes
Conducting: La Boheme - circus, lots of children running around, balloons, big music.
Love affair: Los Angeles - ongoing.  Wine - ongoing.  Arsenal - off and on.
Drink:  coffee coffee coffee coffee coffee coffee tea tea tea tea coffee coffee coffee coffee coffee coffee coffeecoffeecoffeecoffeecoffeecoffeecoffeecoffeecoffee
also wine wine wine wine wine wine wine. 
Food: Fennel and celeriac
Weather:  Reykjavik seemed to be covered in snow for most of last winter.  Can’t remember anything like it.  
Studio:  Started a new album which will come out next year.

Puzzle Muteson wrote and recorded new material that will surface in the new year, played All Tomorrow's Parties with Nico and Valgeir and did a couple of memorable covers, including a piano take on Ol' Dirty Bastard at an American Embassy party in Iceland...

"highlight > Arriving at keflavik airport after airwaves 8 a.m with only 3 hours sleep the night before. Finding out there was a flight mix up, and then being told the next flight was at 9 a.m the next day.
Sitting ... sitting some more, 7 hours sat starring at 7 signs that said no sleeping, no camping, no cooking..i pod on its last legs..tempted to cook a tent and sleep on the ashes, still sat there only 17 hours to go...overly influenced by a recent Marina abramovic documentry i had watched a week before.
low point >Not covering Bone Thugs and Harmony crossroads." 
Paul Corley was introduced to the world as the newest Bedroom Community family member. His debut album Disquiet was released in November to great acclaim. He also worked on plenty of music by others; f.ex. Philip Glass' Einstein On The Beach, music by Tim Hecker and Oneohtrix Point Never as well as a number of Ben projects...
"I ate all the ramen in dusseldorf with Ben Frost."
Iceland Airwaves was the label's greatest yet, with all seven artists performing plus a unique Sólaris performance in an old wooden church. Bedroom Community & Greenhouse Studios saw in-house structure changes, all for the greater good. The label got its first ever intern and will continue to grow even more with a full-fledged intern program for 2013 in the works. A second sampler was made, and the third Yule mix released in December. The Bedroom Community film Everything Everywhere All The Time was screened in Paris as part of the Air d'Islande festival and will see the light of day this year (meanwhile, watch it here). Vinyl was repressed...and represses sold out. (Don't worry we'll make more!)
All in all, it was a fantastic year. And much more to come in 2013! Sign up for our newsletter if you haven't already to be the first to know what's going on.
And finally: Free CDs!
To participate in our annual Facebook giveaway for a little BedCom treat, follow the instructions below.
1. 'Like' our Facebook page

2. Post the album you'd want the most out of our three 2012 releases (Valgeir Sigurðsson's Architecture Of Loss / Paul Corley's Disquiet / Nico Muhly's Drones)
3. On Wednesday January 16th we'll announce the lucky winners on Facebook
Happy new year!
Your friends at Bedroom Community.


Photo: ©Samantha West


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