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17 May 2011

Feast Your Eyes, And Ears!

Puzzle Muteson's first official video is here! Directed by the lovely people of Lauren Edward, this beautifully minimalistic video is set to the song 'En Garde', first single off Puzzle's forthcoming album

You can watch the video below, on YouTube and/or on Vimeo.

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En Garde - Puzzle Muteson from Bedroom Community on Vimeo.

What the press says

“His spare, direct lyrics could rend any heart in two.”

“His quavering voice sings spectral poetry over delicately picked strings…”

The Fly (April 7th 2011) Read all reviews

With Muteson’s quavering tenor aided by the delicate production of Sigurðsson, En Garde plays out a spellbinding and hauntingly evocative fairytale of emotions of one man’s imagination.

Melanie McGovern — Folk Radio UK (April 19th 2011) Read all reviews

It’s really a tremendously warm and uplifting listen, blessed with just divine orchestration from Muhly, and recommended to lovers of timeless songcraft everywhere.

Boomkat (May 17th 2011) Read all reviews

With delicate verse, poignant string arrangements and soft piano solos, the music of Puzzle Muteson explores one single man’s fears and feelings in an honest and affecting manner.

i-D (June 6th 2011) Read all reviews

If you appreciate a timid acoustic tranquility depicted by a frail-sounding songster, this is definitely a compelling release

There is plenty to enjoy and marvel at on Puzzle Muteson’s debut full-length

Luke Slater — Drowned in Sound (June 7th 2011) ★★★★★★★ Read all reviews

En Garde is another essential work from the always interesting Bedroom Community

Adam Williams — Fluid Radio (June 7th 2011) Read all reviews

The poignancy of this record has the ability to move and reduce many to tears of sheer emotion.

Russell Hill — Maverick (June 15th 2011) Read all reviews

It’s subtle, it’s an ambient floating cloud drifting from your viewpoint ever so slowly, it is understatingly beautiful and it swells around you until the hairs on the back of your neck stand up.

Craig Taylor-Broad — God is in the TV (June 16th 2011) ★★★★★★★★★★ Read all reviews

The tone of what’s said is just as—if not more—important as what is actually being said, and Muteson gives his work over to an organic development that unabashedly embraces a natural and emotional aesthetic.

WQXR (July 25th 2011) Read all reviews

His spare, direct lyrics could rend any heart in two.

His quavering voice sings spectral poetry over delicately picked strings…

The Fly (May 23rd 2011) Read all reviews


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