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31 August 2015

New Signing - Jodie Landau and wild Up

Bedroom Community doesn’t sign new artists every day, but this year we are happy to be able to welcome two new - and great - artists into our close-knit family.

Hot on the heels of Emily Hall’s Folie à Deux (released July 20) comes the amazing debut of 23-year old Jodie Landau with modern music collective wild Up, titled you of all things. The album will be released on October 2nd and followed by a string of performances in the US & Europe. (see below).

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20 July 2015

Folie à Deux Released Today

Emily Hall's Bedroom Community debut is now available for streaming and purchasing!

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3 June 2015

Emily Hall - New Signing!

Bedroom Community is delighted to announce the release of Folie à Deux by award winning British composer Emily Hall, welcoming her to the family as the 10th artist to join the label since its inception in 2006.
Emily's music is acclaimed for clarity and directness, taking as much from classical music as it does from folk. Listen to first single 'mantra' via BlackBook now!

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Latest Releases

Folie à Deux
Released on 20 July 2015
CD, Digital
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Released on 8 December 2014
LP, Digital
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Released on 29 September 2014
CD, Digital
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Forthcoming Releases

you of all things
Released on 2 October 2015
CD, Digital
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Sep 4

Sam Amidon at End of the Road Festival (Sept. 4-6)
The End of The Road Festival
Dorset (United Kingdom)

Sep 6

Sam Amidon
The End of The Road Festival
Dorset (United Kingdom)

Sep 11

wild Up three premieres with ACF @ REDCAT
with Jodie Landau and wild Up
Roy and Edna Disney / Cal Arts Theatre | RedCat
Los Angeles (United States)

Sep 12

Sam Amidon
Kings Place
London (United Kingdom)

Sep 13

Sam Amidon
The National Concert Hall
Dublin 2 (Ireland)

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