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Water Plant

Catalog Number: HVALREKI2

Released: October 07 2016

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  1. Water Plant

Sensuously drifting away from you, pulsating like a ripple on a still lake, rising slowly up and digging deeper down at the same time. Electronic soundscape and lyrics alike contribute to the strange poetic contradiction which is aYia, the trio behind the liquid wasteland of Water Plant. Simultaneously eerily uneasy and accessible, fragile yet steadfast, ranging between feminine and masculine, they seem to drive towards the same point from very different worlds peaking atop a three edged pyramid which is theirs and theirs alone to ascend.

What the press says

Moody yet kinetic, the electronically produced melody dips and rises majestically, as the vocals soar into the ether.

Jim Beckmann — KEXP (November 3rd 2016) Read all reviews

The affecting electro cut winds a barely-there vocal across an ambient and pulsating backbeat with euphoric drops and rises.

It’s the fiercest kind of earworm—the type that burrows itself so far into your mind that you find yourself drifting out of conversations because it’s playing behind your thoughts.

JR — The Reykjavik Grapevine (January 5th 2017) Read all reviews

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