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Threshold Of Faith EP

Catalog Number: HVALREKI6

Released: July 28 2017

| Download €10 | LP €17.99

  1. Threshold of Faith 
  2. Eurydice's Heel - Hades
  3. Threshold of Faith - Your Own Blood
  4. All That You Love Will Be Eviscerated - Albini Swing Version
  5. The Beat Don't Die in Bingo Town
  6. All That You Love Will Be Eviscerated - Lotic Remix
  7. Mere Anarchy

In the summer of 2016 Ben Frost landed in Chicago to work with Steve Albini. Over two weeks - vast systems; unstable, overloaded, and on the verge of collapse - were fed into an array of amplifiers inside a cavernous studio. Shapes were formed, speakers were torn. Behind the glass Albini committed live performances to tape; slashing at them intermittently with a razorblade. More than 2 hours of music was recorded. The Threshold of Faith EP is the first release of music from those sessions.

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