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Theory of Machines

Catalog Number: HVALUR2

Released: February 05 2007

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  1. Theory of Machines
  2. Stomp
  3. We Love You Michael Gira
  4. ...Coda
  5. Forgetting You Is Like Breathing Water


On Theory Of Machines Frost presents a challenging and invasive sonic experience of digitally manipulated litany via minimal, guitar-oriented compositions that massage the lower-body and sometimes hurt above the waist... A painfully beautiful experience.

The scale of Ben Frost’s Theory of Machines is enormous, exploiting every extreme of pitch, volume and timbre, recalling the unbounded enormity of the natural world. The changes in the music sometimes seem as gradual as changes in the weather—and sometimes as violent.

What the press says

"Sonic Youth has softened guitar rock audiences, Lightning Bolt has done the same for many punks, and Fennesz has shown the possibility for melody among noisenik laptoppers... if there is a list of noise artists that could permanently change how music listeners view the genre it may be time to add Ben Frost to it. A-"

Todd Burns — Stylus Magazine (December 14th 2006) Read all reviews

"Theory Of Machines is a mathematical model or a cosmos: the work is thought out from start to finish, but appears organic and liquid in nature."

Atli Bollason — Morgunblaðið (December 23rd 2006) ★★★★★★★★★★ Read all reviews

"Recalls the dense, relentlessness of the Swans, A sublime condensation of experience - dynamic, expansive and epic... Like the sound of icebergs breaking slowly apart"

Seb — Cyclinc Defrost Magazine (January 7th 2007) Read all reviews

Ranging from the bottom of an overpowering Tim Hecker guitar crackle canyon (“cities collapsing”, as my friend Andrew always says whenever he hears something like this) to the high atmosphere jetstreams of Eliane Radigue or a 12K type like Richard Chartier, Theory Of Machines has more depth than anything I’ve heard all year.

Mapsadaisical — Mapsadaisical (February 17th 2007) Read all reviews

"Simply awesome… Frost reminds us that minimalism was never just the polished sheen of Reich and Glass, but also the sweat and grime of Michael Gira's Swans... A deeper, darker minimalism- menacing and claustrophobic... This is Arvo Pärt as arranged by Trent Reznor... Magnificent"

Dan Warburton — The Wire (March 1st 2007) Read all reviews

An easy album this is not, as it willfully (and playfully) antagonizes the listener, but it contains unsuspected moments of beauty.

All Music (March 5th 2007) ★★★★★★★ Read all reviews

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