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I Drink The Air Before Me

Catalog Number: HVALUR10

Released: September 06 2010

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  1. Fire Down Below
  2. First Storm
  3. Salty Dog
  4. Varied Carols
  5. Music Under Pressure 1 - Flute
  6. Music Under Pressure 2 - Piano
  7. Jagged Pulses
  8. Music for Boys
  9. Music for Gino
  10. Music Under Pressure 3 - Ensemble
  11. Storm Center
  12. One Day Tells Its Tale to Another
  1. BONUS TRACK: A Long Line
  2. BONUS TRACK: Twitchy Organs
Bonus tracks are available in digital form when you buy from this website.

“I Drink the Air Before Me is an evening-length score for Stephen Petronio's dance piece bearing the same name.  Inasmuch as it was celebrating Stephen's company's 25th anniversary, the piece wanted to be big, ecstatic, and celebratory. Our initial meeting, in which we discussed the structure of the work, yielded a sketch: a giant line, starting at the lower left hand side of a napkin, and ending in the upper right.  Start small, get big!  The rules: a children's choir should begin and end the piece.  The work should relate to the weather: storms, anxiety, and coastal living.  A giant build-up should land us inside the center of a storm, with whirling, irregular, spiral-shaped music and irregular, spiral-shaped dancing.  Using these rules, I divided up the piece into a series of episodes all hinging around spiral-shaped constellations of notes.  These are most audible in Music Under Pressure 3, and least audible when they are absent, in the diatonic, almost plainchant music that the choir sings at the end, the text of which comes from Psalm 19: 

One day tells its tale to another,  
and one night imparts knowledge to another. 
Although they have no words or language,  
and their voices are not heard, 
Their sound has gone out into all lands,  
and their message to the ends of the world. 

I wanted the ensemble to be a little quirky community of people living by the edge of the sea: a busybody flute, a wise viola, and the masculine, workmanlike bassoon, trombone, and upright bass.  The piano acts as an agitator, an unwelcome visitor, bearing with it aggressive electronic noises and rhythmic interruptions.”

- Nico Muhly

What the press says

A hugely rewarding album that’s surely set to be one of the finest modern classical releases of 2010.

Boomkat (September 21st 2010) Read all reviews’s the sheer variety of the invention, and the soundworld created for it, that holds the attention…

Guardian (September 30th 2010) ★★★★★★★★ Read all reviews

Muhly is definitely a composer to watch out for.

All Music (October 21st 2010) ★★★★★★★★★ Read all reviews

Throughout, Muhly realizes some magical effects

Pitchfork — Pitchfork (December 8th 2010) ★★★★★★★★ Read all reviews

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