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Folie à Deux

Catalog Number: HVALUR23

Released: July 20 2015

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  1. ode to the pylon
  2. loneliness
  3. instrumental
  4. wonderful things
  5. mantra
  6. scream
  7. embrace
  8. ode to nature 
  9. prelude

We are delighted to announce the release of Folie à Deux by award winning British composer Emily Hall, with lyrics by Sjón.

Hall’s finely crafted songs tell a modern folk-tale. Folie à Deux is a lyrical and intense investigation into love and loneliness within a relationship. Insanity, electricity and love collide in a sonic voyage into the shared psychosis known as ‘folie à deux’, where a delusion is transmitted from one person to another. The piece is composed for two singers, an acoustic harp and an electro-magnetic harp. This electro-magnetic harp, commissioned and built especially for this piece, uses vibrating magnets to evoke an underlying electronic presence representing the pylon – the third character that presides over this story. Against a backdrop of responsive light and sound, the result is a hauntingly beautiful soundscape.

A woman is struggling to connect with her lover. Their idyllic life on a quiet hillside changes irrevocably as an electricity pylon is constructed outside their house. He starts to believe that the pylon has a special power over him: “If you listen, listen is saying such wonderful things...” His delusion passes on to his partner, and as the madness takes hold, sparks begin to fly.

Much of Hall’s music is formed from close creative relationships with singers and writers and finding her own ways of using technolodgy and live performance. Here she has teamed up with hailed Icelandic lyricist, writer and long- time Björk collaborator Sjón, to create the piece: “I wanted to write an opera with no recitative, so I wanted to work with a writer with a background in writing lyrics as well as drama and narrative. Sjón came up with the idea of The Pylon as the focus of the delusion; which felt seriously good because of all its sonic and visual possibilities.”

Commissioned as a live stage show by Mahogany Opera Group. Vocals sang by Sofia Jernberg and Finnur Bjarnason.

Folie à Deux features beats from Mira Calix, was mixed by Valgeir Sigurðsson who co- produced the album with Hall herself.

What the press says

...the recording, concisely presented in a thirty-nine-minute form, provides no small number of listening pleasures.

Textura (June 29th 2015) Read all reviews

...a soaring artistic triumph in the form of ‘Folie à Deux’

Fractured Air (July 23rd 2015) Read all reviews

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