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Catalog Number: HVALREKI5

Released: March 24 2017

| Download €10

  1. Sam Slater - Slow Bitchy Organs
  2. Matt Huxley - Rev’d Mustard his Installation Prelude
  3. Scanner - Prelude
  4. Talos - Distillations
  5. Paul Evans - O Emmanuel
  6. Liam Byrne - Veni in os meum
  7. Alex Groves - O Clavis David

James McVinnie’s ‘Cycles_1’ is out now. ‘Cycles_1’ is the new remix album taken from James McVinnie's 2013 debut album, ‘Cycles’ (music composed by Nico Muhly), and features remixes by Sam Slater, Matt Huxley, Scanner, Talos, Paul Evans, Liam Byrne and Alex Groves.

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