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Catalog Number: HVALREKI3

Released: February 17 2017

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  1. Ruins
A thumping, eerie, dark wave track that creates a sense of urgency, tension, and anxiety to the very core. “Ruins” consists of minimal synth melodies, a guttural pounding bass line and twitching, creepy overtones. This looming tune is then glazed to perfection with the ghostly breathy vocals of poetess Ásta Fanney Sigurðardóttir. 
The song’s lyrics reflect the suspense created by the production itself, being about “the abstract brutal truth of our surreal existence,” according to Ásta. “There is a long tension of a looming danger, bad mistakes that lead astray,” she continues. “You are sailing down the river of bad luck, resistance is useless against the stream, you have to learn how to use it, to bend it, to turn it in the other direction. Not by fighting it, but by fooling it.”

What the press says

aYia’s “Ruins” weaves indistinguishable vocals and instrumentals together that spiral into another glass-cutting universe. The trio that make up the band are about as mysterious as their new song. “Ruins” follows last year’s debut single, “Water Plant,” that is just as immersive, but where “Ruins” is dark, its predecessor is light.

We Are The Guard (February 23rd 2017) Read all reviews

aYia shared a new track titled “Ruins” that shows the enchanting female vocals and the fragile and dynamic electronic lines.

Nicola Orlandino — Son of Marketing (February 23rd 2017) Read all reviews

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