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All is Well

Catalog Number: HVALUR4

Released: October 22 2007

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  1. Sugar Baby
  2. Little Johnny Brown
  3. Saro
  4. Wild Bill Jones
  5. Wedding Dress
  6. Fall On My Knees
  7. Little Satchel
  8. O Death
  9. Prodigal Son
  10. All Is Well

Sam Amidon heads to Iceland to record a follow up to his 2007 album But This Chicken Proved Falsehearted with arranger Nico Muhly and producer Valgeir Sigurðsson. The result of this collaboration is heard in All is Well.

“Last time I said that Amidon had made the most interesting folk album of 2007; suddenly he's one of our most powerful chroniclers of the myriad varieties and shades of grace. All Is Well is viscerally stunning, comforting, upsetting, entrancing...”
-Stylus Magazine

“Sam Amidon has worked several different wonders with All Is Well—giving these beautiful old songs new life, drastically transforming the music of Samamidon without losing any of the power of their debut, providing in 48 short minutes life, death, love, romance, murder, forgiveness, anguish, hope, loss and magic.  

What the press says

With All Is Well, Sam Amidon has crafted a precious gem of a record, all in nuances and shades, with delicate overtones and airy harmonies. Sigurðsson’s production is light and subtle yet it gives these songs fantastic depth and contrast without ever overshadowing Amidon’s delivery.

themilkman — The Milk Factory (October 17th 2007) ★★★★★★★★★★ Read all reviews

"sky-scrapingly great ... All Is Well is viscerally stunning, comforting, upsetting, entrancing; as long as he can make art like this, Amidon can skip the formality of 'writing songs' forever"

Ian Mathers — Stylus Magazine (October 30th 2007) Read all reviews

...a very pleasant modern folk album filled with interpretations of older public domain standards.

All Music (November 1st 2007) ★★★★★★★ Read all reviews

"A veritable classic, a standard for comparisons in this genre from now on. Not to be missed."

Touching Extremes (November 11th 2007) Read all reviews

"Nothing less than a goose-bump-manufacturing sonic piéce de résistance"

Kathleen Wilcox — CMJ New Music Monthly (February 1st 2008) Read all reviews

 All Is Well a very forward-thinking album, despite its reliance on traditional tunes. With his team of musicians working so closely together, Amidon doesn't just update the old world to the new, but finds the roots of the new world in the old.  

Stephen M. Deusner — Pitchfork (February 8th 2008) ★★★★★★★★ Read all reviews

"In an era of overheated Nick Drake comparisons, Amidon is eerily close to the real thing, singing in a fragile but certain tenor against the deep breath and soft sweep of Nico Muhly’s orchestrations."

David Fricke — Rolling Stone Magazine (February 28th 2008) Read all reviews

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