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29 May 2008



Mothertongue is Nico Muhly’s 2nd album for Bedroom Community, his debut album Speaks Volumes was also our very first release.

Mothertongue features 3 works, each composed for a different vocalist: Abigail Fischer, Helgi Hrafn Jónsson and our very own Sam Amidon.



Nico Muhly’s 2nd album titled Mothertongue is now available digitally at our store as well as iTunes stores worldwide, before the official release. To order a physical copy of the CD you can click HERE - we will start shipping copies as soon as stock arrives, which is expected to be in the 1st week of June. 


BUT WAIT here is the best deal: buy a digital download + a physical copy now at the Bedroom Community Digital Store, this way you get your download immediately (DRM-free, 320Kbps, iPod-compatible MP3) and we’ll ship the CD to your home in a matter of days! 

Can’t get any better than that I guess??


Mothertongue will hit the shops in Europe on June 16th, and in the US on 22nd July, via Brassland. As before the Bedroom Community Shop will ship orders anywhere in the world, so go ahead and order your copy today.


And as if that is all.. Here is a recent profile on Nico and Mothertongue, written by Simon Reynolds for The Times.

25 March 2008



“Folk music is enjoying another of its periodic revivals, but this time the latest recordings are appearing on cutting-edge indie labels...”


An article in The Sunday Times. Read the full story here.

13 March 2008



A track from Nico Muhly’s upcoming album Mothertongue is featured in the latest edition of The Wire Tapper CD that comes free with the April issue of Wire Magazine, available at newsstands today.


The piece is a section from the album’s title track ‘Mothertongue’ which lasts a whole 19 minutes in its full version. It is written for Abigail Fischer, a New York based mezzo-soprano and an ensemble of oboe, strings synthesizers, electric bass, celesta and electronics. 

Read more

15 January 2008



Our first release of 2008 is coming up in a few weeks, 4th February in fact. You can now pre-order this sublime album from our online shop and be among the first to get a copy. 


Sam Amidon delivers his renderings of traditional Appalachian songs in a unique voice accompanied by his guitar and banjo. The tracks were then produced by Valgeir Sigurðsson in his Greenhouse Studios in Iceland, who as well as providing bass-lines, electronic textures and percussion, called on the services of Nico Muhly to write orchestrations that add a completely new dimension and depth unheard in context of these songs. Other participants include Ben Frost, Eyvind Kang, Aaron Siegel and Morse.


Watch a video for the first single ‘Saro’ here.


Pre-order Sam Amidon’s ‘All Is Well’ here.


Listen to samples on MySpace: Sam Amidon / Bedroom Community

21 October 2007


Filmed during the Iceland Airwaves festival recently we present this live version of ‘Focal Point’ from Valgeir Sigurðsson’s Ekvílibríum. This recording was made by the Airwaves Podcast-team at Greenhouse Studios and features Nico Muhly on piano, Sigga Sunna Reynisdóttir on electric piano and glock and Valgeir on percussion and keys. Click here to watch - Enjoy!


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