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20 August 2009



May 15th, Valgeir Sigurðsson (featuring Sigga Sunna) performed at a collaborative concert with multi-instrumentalist quartet Amiina and master beatboxer Shlomo at The Southbank Center's Queen Elizabeth Hall in London.


Here you can watch a video from the concert, where the artists perform a song they all created for this evening to accompany footage fromDreamland, a film which Valgeir composed the music for earlier this year. Dreamland documents the destruction of vast lands in the east of Iceland to make way for Europe’s largest aluminium smelter.


Many of the landscapes you see in this video clip have now been destroyed.


Valgeir's original Dreamland score will be released on Bedroom Community before too long. Until then you can download the title track "Grýlukvæði"here, featuring Ben Frost, Sam Amidon and Nico Muhly.

24 May 2009



The title track from Valgeir’s ‘Dreamland’ (‘Draumalandið’) soundtrack featuring Ben Frost, Sam Amidon & Nico Muhly.

This is an old Icelandic folk song, collectively re-arranged by the Bedroom Community and is now available as a free download for a limited time. Look for the complete soundtrack release later this year.





    Produced and mixed by Valgeir Sigurðsson

    Sam Amidon; vocals, guitar, banjo

    Ben Frost; electronics, programming

    Nico Muhly; piano, harmonium

    Nadia Sirota; viola

    Borgar Magnason; contrabass

8 April 2009



Valgeir Sigurðsson has composed the music for Dreamland, a documentary which premiers this week. The feature length film is based on the non-fiction book Dreamland: A Self-help Manual for a Frightened Nation by acclaimed writer Andri Snær Magnason. The book became a national hit overnight and won the Icelandic Literary Award in 2006. Magnason follows his book into the cinemas and co-directs the documentary with Þorfinnur Guðnason, an award winning documentary film maker.


Dreamland is a film about a nation standing at cross-roads. Leading up to the country’s greatest economic crisis, the government started the largest mega project in the history of Iceland; to build the biggest dam in Europe... The mantra was economic growth. Today Iceland is left holding a huge debt and an uncertain future. 

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1 April 2009



Sam Amidon just arrived back to NYC after successful shows at SXSW.


Metro  asked a few NY musicians to describe their experiences at SXSW. Sam's answer was simple: "Registering at SXSW is just like eating at Katz’s Deli, except that the lines are longer and the pastrami sandwiches are laminated".


In addition, he drew a couple of comic frames for NY Times Out to visualize his experience:


In the Austin American Statesman, the critics were wrapping up SXSW with each of their top 5 shows.  Sam was Alex Daniel's #1 choice, saying: 


"Sam Amidon doesn’t write his own songs, but instead rearranges traditional folk numbers. The result is a somber, sobering trip to centuries past, where life’s hardships and heartaches seem slightly removed from today’s.


If that sounds heady and slightly depressing, it is. But at Amidon’s Friday performance at the top floor of the Hilton Garden Inn, the twenty-something musician offset the seriousness of his music perfectly with a bizarre brand of deadpan humor."

2 March 2009



The Journal of Popular Noise (Issue 8), featuring Ben Frost + Bora Yoon is out and about! 


The album was reviewed in January's WIRE magazine, and this is one of the things they had to say:


"the Yoon/Frost sides are a brilliant mix of whispers and moistly aggressive-ambient electronic whatsis…”  


The Journal of Popular Noise is a semi annual audio magazine inspired by the traditions of pop music, printed periodicals, and the delight of a finely crafted artifact. Within each edition there are three 45 rpm records, each by a different artist but conforming to the same editorial structure. Each packaged in a hand folded and numbered limited edition letterpress printed sleeve. 


For those who are intrigued, check it out here on iTunes

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