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5 March 2008



If you have ben visiting our website lately you could be thinking that we had nothing to report, but little could be further from the truth...

Following a hard-disk crash our web department was left paralyzed and it’s only now that we are getting back on track, and with a brand new design too! We’ve noticed a steady increase in number of visitors on Bedroom Community’s website even though we’ve been unable to report anything new since we announced the pre-release information on Sam Amidon’s All is Well.


Bedroom Community and it’s members have all been flooded with activity at the same time, so we are looking forward to more frequent updates in the coming weeks.


One of the recent highlights has been the glowing reception of our latest release and we’ve updated the review section for All is Well. Sam Amidon has been on tour in the UK, playing solo or with a string quartet. There is more touring and live activity ahead for SamValgeir SigurðssonBen Frostand Nico Muhly. Until we get our Gig-section together, please watch each artist’s MySpace for details (click on their name for link).


We were also pleased to hear that our label was nominated for the 36th annual DV Cultural Award in Iceland. Out of the 5 nominees in the music category Amiina came first and we would like to congratulate them on this achievement!


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