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2 October 2009



Bedroom Community’s fab-four, Sam Amidon, Ben Frost, Nico Muhly and Valgeir Sigurðsson will be heading out on a short trek across Europe in November. They will play a unique series of collaborative concerts aided by a group of fine musicians. Click here to read all the details, touring schedule here below:


Nov 3 Elche (Alicante), Spain

Centre Escorxador @ 9:30 

Curtidors, 23 Tickets »


Nov 5 Lisbon, Portugal

Teatro Maria Matos @ 9:45 

Av. Frei Miguel Contreiras, 52 1700-213


Nov 6 Madrid, Spain (SOLD OUT!)

La Casa Encendida @ 8:00 

Ronda Valencia 2 Tickets »


Nov 8 Brussels, Belgium

AB - Theater zittend @ 4:00 

Anspachlaan 110
Brussels Tickets »


Nov 9 Eindhoven, The Netherlands

De Effenaar @ 7:30 

Dommelstraat 2
5611 CK Eindhoven Tickets »


Nov 10 Leipzig, Germany

UT Connewitz @ 8:00 

Wolfgang Heinze Str. 12a
04277 Leipzig


Nov 11 Köln, Germany

Stadtgarten Concerthall @ 8:00 

Venloerstr. 40
50672 Köln Tickets »


Nov 12 Copenhagen, Denmark

Huset i Magstraede @ 8:00 

Rådhussrtaede 13
1466 København K

30 September 2009



Sam Amidon will be headlining a show at Bush Hall, London, on October 2nd. The concert will start at 20:00, find out more about the event and buy tickets here.


The following day, October 3rd, Sam will jump over to Paris and open for GOASST (Sean Lennon & Charlotte Muhl) at Point Ephemere at 20:00. Get further information and buy tickets here.

15 September 2009



We are proud to announce the release of Ben Frost's second full-length album for Bedroom Community, BY THE THROAT.


Where Frost's last album, Theory of Machines, came sterilized in fluorescent light, BY THE THROAT is blood red and cloaked in shadow. Here, Frost draws heavily on sounds from Borgar Magnason's doublebass, that growls throughout and is often so distorted it transforms the instrument into pure bestial noise. The album also features performances by the Amiina string quartet, The Arcade Fire's Jeremy Gara, Swedish metal outfit Crowpath and our very own Nico Muhly.


BY THE THROAT will be released on October 19th, but we can't wait any longer to give you a little taste of this new music, so  HERE you can download a track from the album "The Carpathians" for free.


"You get the feeling a lot of electronic music is made with the idea of being a soundtrack in search of a film. Ben Frost¹s "The Carpathians" is the film; no images or dialogue, but somehow complete in all its suspense and dark nature, with wild things and mounting dread unfurling like a narrative. Frost is an Australian who's lived in Iceland for a handful of years, where he's found a place in the Bedroom Community community..." - Mike Wolf, RCRD LBL website 

Read more

8 September 2009



On Wednesday 9th September Nico Muhly and Sam Amidon will perform at the Miller Theatre at Columbia University as part of Wordless Music’s 2009 Fall Season. Joining them will be fellow Vermont-to-NYC transplant Thomas Bartlett, (aka Doveman) as part of their 802 Tour redux. 


Wordless Music is an organization that aims to juxtapose the sounds and performers of contemporary classical instrumental music with the worlds of rock music and electronic music. The result is a blurring of genre and the integration of audiences to new and exciting music.” 

Nico Muhly and Valgeir Sigurðsson performed in one of the early installations of Wordless Music in NYC in October 2007, the series has since paid host to a number of today’s leading artists.


The show begins at 8pm and tickets are $15. For more information, please visit the Miller Theatre’s website

20 August 2009



May 15th, Valgeir Sigurðsson (featuring Sigga Sunna) performed at a collaborative concert with multi-instrumentalist quartet Amiina and master beatboxer Shlomo at The Southbank Center's Queen Elizabeth Hall in London.


Here you can watch a video from the concert, where the artists perform a song they all created for this evening to accompany footage fromDreamland, a film which Valgeir composed the music for earlier this year. Dreamland documents the destruction of vast lands in the east of Iceland to make way for Europe’s largest aluminium smelter.


Many of the landscapes you see in this video clip have now been destroyed.


Valgeir's original Dreamland score will be released on Bedroom Community before too long. Until then you can download the title track "Grýlukvæði"here, featuring Ben Frost, Sam Amidon and Nico Muhly.


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