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2 October 2015

you of all things Out Today!

Today we release the album from Jodie Landau and wild Up! you of all things is a glimmering collaboration featuring compositions from Jodie Landau, Ellen Reid, Marc Lowenstein, and Andrew Tholl which are preformed by the formiddable wild Up ensemble. 

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Together, Jodie Landau and wild Up have created a lush recording in which Jodie´s vocals are set amidst wild Up's instrumentals and the album's special guests, Iceland's Graduale Nobili women's chorus.
While six of the album's pieces are written by Jodie himself, composers Ellen Reid, Marc Lowenstein, and Andrew Tholl have also been commissioned to write pieces for the album. Each composer exercises a radically different style: Tholl's memory draws the map we follow is a series of inexorable, emotionally fraught cycles; Reid's orlando & tiresias is a severe, quasi-operatic dialogue between chorus and soloist; and this, by Lowenstein, is  a sprawling, mystical rumination. Each guides the energy of these performers in another direction from Landau's compositions, as well as from each other. Valgeir Sigurðsson produced, mixed, and mastered the record, giving it its unmistakable Bedroom Community feel.

What the press says

An incredibly confident debut from composer, vocalist, and percussionist Jodie Landau. A cunning blend of rigid composition and spontaneity…

Norman Records (September 3rd 2015) Read all reviews

The resulting album offers us a glimpse of a wild, chimerical beast, caught in action for the first time, but never quite tamed.

Rough Trade (September 3rd 2015) Read all reviews

“you of all things,” is radiantly lovely in every detail, but perhaps the loveliest of all is Landau’s astonishing vocal performance. As the music demands, it rises to something like a bellow, then sinks back to the airiest whisper, and even as it approaches silence remains impressively nuanced and controlled—it loves the microphone, and the mic plainly reciprocates.

Q2 Music (October 5th 2015) Read all reviews

In this debut, Landau gets more sheer authority into each measure of music and line of text than some of our best people do in a whole score. And one of the reasons this is such a singular event is that it’s not just Landau. He is writer, singer, and composer but he’s something more: a Peter Pan who has led a big band of not-at-all lost boys and girls from Los Angeles to Reykjavik

Thought Catalog (October 12th 2015) Read all reviews

Jodie Landau’s compositions create the path the listener is on. His works, and voice, seduce us with the charm of an old flame laying next to us in bed, the past forgotten and all that matters is where we are now. His tracks have an immediacy that occurs organically, building on ideas that all resolve one another in the end and the results are, like the ending of von Trier’sBreaking the Waves, heavenly. The listener is transported by this album to another world, one unscarred by the harsh realities of the day. It uses music in the way that people have hoped to use it—as pure escapism from the world. The album is a labor of love from everyone involved and in this regard, the case could be made that you of all things has a political statement: what the world needs now is love, sweet love. And what the classical world needs now is Landau, sweet Landau to show it.

I Care If You Listen (November 12th 2015) Read all reviews

The greatness of You of All Things is that it re-elaborates without overturning or, worse, overdoing. “Control” is key, here. Landau’s authority in administering influences, while retaining total command of his voice, almost counting the times his chords resonate in the shortest frame of time.

PopMatters (January 21st 2016) ★★★★★★★ Read all reviews


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