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17 April 2010 – Events

WWT: Volcano Disruption!

Dear all.

As you know, there is a severe volcanic eruption in Iceland, my homeland and the home of the Bedroom Community label. The eruption is sending a volcanic ash cloud drifting across the skies of Europe and this is upsetting air-travellers' plans literally everywhere. Before I get to the point of this message I want to pause for a second and remind us all that things could be worse. The devastating effects of some previous eruptions and more recent natural disasters have not hit, and hopefully will not. Hundreds of people have been evacuated from their homes as water carried pieces of ice the size of small houses down the mountain, but people are safe.


For months we at Bedroom Community have been looking forward to our big adventure; The Whale Watching Tour which is due to kick off in Berlin tomorrow, Sunday 18th April. Countless hours of hard work have been put into making this ambitious tour a reality, by many many people. The touring party consists 14 people, musicians, crew, drivers, most of whom are travelling from Reykjavík and New York. According to plans were all supposed to have arrived in Berlin already by the time you will be reading this.

Ever since news about the eruption came we have all been working very hard towards not letting the volcano upset our plans. Yesterday it was looking very likely that this could work out and the tour kick off as planned. Then we started getting news about cancelled flights, airport closures, waiting lists, trouble. There is no easy way to sum up the twist this has put on our plans, every hour there has been a change, a new turn of events, an ash-cloud disrupting somewhere.

Nobody takes it lightly that a few moments ago we had to make a call on cancelling the first two shows of the tour: Berlin on Sunday the 18th, and Gent on the 19th. It is clear that we can not even get a fraction of the touring party to these places in time.

The Berlin show is now rescheduled to Sunday August 15th. All tickets are valid for the new date. Contact the Admiralpalast box office for further details. We are working with the promoters on rescheduling any missed shows for later, more on that as the news unfold.

We've now had to cancel London and Dublin. See below for new dates:

Thank you all for your understanding.

Valgeir Sigurðsson,
on behalf of everyone at Bedroom Community.


Berlin is rescheduled to August 15th

Gent is rescheduled to May 10th.

London, Barbican is rescheduled to September 27th.

Dublin is canceled, but will be rescheduled. More news on that very soon.

See the events page for details on all shows.


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