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9 August 2017

‘Tessellatum’ Selected Album of the Week by The Line of Best Fit

The Line of Best Fit have named Nadia Sirota's Tessellatum as their album of the week, along with a stellar review and an 8.5 rating. The new album, with original music by Donnacha Dennehy performed by Nadia Sirota and Liam Byrne, comes out this Friday, August 11th right here on Bedroom Community.

In his review, writer Aidan Daly says:

"Tessellatum, the captivating 40-minute composition written by composer Donnacha Dennehy for violist Nadia Sirota, might not lead to a spiritual awakening of the kind Young, John Cage and other members of the American avant-garde pursued in the mid-20th century. Yet throughout its duration, it blossoms into an often intense and bewildering harmonic sound world due to the specific tuning mechanisms employed by Dennehy."

Read the entire review here and pre-order Tessellatum on our online shop right now.

What the press says

...thick, molten drones of stringed textures carry much of the music, repeatedly forming and deforming as a constant, enchanting wall of sound.

Aidan Daly — The Line of Best Fit (August 14th 2017) ★★★★★★★★★ Read all reviews

The music blends into a kind of tabula rasa, pulsing drone, a shifting mass that is meant to smudge the edges on your perception of passing time.

Jayson Greene — Pitchfork (August 14th 2017) ★★★★★★★★ Read all reviews

Together they generate dense harmonic clouds that move around birdlike melodic phrases, which by turn crisscross, then flock to formation.

Will Hermes — Rolling Stone (August 14th 2017) Read all reviews

By the end, the two instruments are in sublime retreat, harmonies humming and washing away, still conjoined.

GIOVANNI RUSSONELLO — The New York Times (August 14th 2017) Read all reviews

it’s an expression of joy, a puzzle completed, a celebration of the viola’s expressiveness.

Richard Allen — A Closer Listen (August 14th 2017) Read all reviews

The resulting piece showcases Sirota’s rigorous skill and otherworldy style, coalescing into an incredibly moving work of art.

RJ Frometa — Vents Magazine (August 14th 2017) Read all reviews

A celebration of a lasting artistic relationship - and, you presume, friendship - embodied in an inventive and thrilling pairing of works, viola front-and-centre throughout.

Sam Cleeve — The Line Of Best Fit (June 10th 2016) ★★★★★★★★ Read all reviews

Muhly and Sirota’s music goes straight for the heart without sacrificing any sophistication along the way.

Peter Ellman — (November 16th 2016) ★★★★★★★★ Read all reviews

“[...] Keep in Touch, is a compact album of two pieces Muhly wrote for Sirota that reaches out from the inside, decisively modern in its embrace of technology and undeniably human in its burning, tender spirit.”

Zoë Madonna — WQXR (December 7th 2016) Read all reviews

“Violist Nadia Sirota is best known for her singular sound and expressive execution, coaxing works and collaborations from the likes of Daníel Bjarnason, Valgeir Sigurðsson, Judd Greenstein, Marcos Balter and Missy Mazzoli.”

Boomkat (December 7th 2016) Read all reviews

Apparently Keep In Touch was designed to challenge the performer into engaging with their weaknesses (mean Mr Muhly), but Sirota’s performance of the piece sounds perfect to these ears.

Norman Records (December 7th 2016) Read all reviews

A stellar young violist who has served as muse to prominent composers.

The New York Times (January 28th 2013) Read all reviews

...a mind-blowing collection that electrically fuses classical technique and structures with electronic textures, overdubbing, and full-bodied melodies.

Chicago Reader (February 11th 2013) Read all reviews

Sirota’s profile is sure to be raised by this exceptional release

Textura (February 28th 2013) Read all reviews

Solid pieces from Paul Corley and Daniel Bjarnason complete this satisfying program, which, while more tricked-out electronically than Sirota’s first offering, retains her aesthetic imprint.

Seth Colter Walls — eMusic (March 11th 2013) Read all reviews

Luminous, restless and contemplative by turns, the disc proves that the viola is anything but a joke.

If Sirota has yet to achieve her ten thousand hours of practice toward mastery, she is a few thirty-minute sessions away.

UTNE (March 19th 2013) Read all reviews

Muhly sets Sirota’s sharp, startling attacks against a serenely murmuring church organ, evoking a sensation of clamminess in the midst of serenity.

Pitchfork (March 19th 2013) Read all reviews

A new recruit to Bedroom Community’s close-knit neo-classical roster that says more with her viola than we’re able to express with actual words.

Self-titled Mag (March 22nd 2013) Read all reviews

...otherworldly, bold and new

Q2 (March 25th 2013) Read all reviews

The most beautiful album you will hear this year.

Matt Cibula — PopMatters (April 2nd 2013) ★★★★★★★★ Read all reviews

This is one of those rare albums that can serve as both a “gateway album” into contemporary classical and a deep listening experience for those already into the music.

Baroque revels in Sirota’s viola mastery, but also in feedback and noise.


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