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*you can use the files on as many computers as you wish, burn your own CDs and so on. Share music with your friends, post links on Facebook, Twitter and blogs, also tell them where they can purchase the music and that they should do so if they like what they hear. Support independent artists!



Bedroom Community Download Store:


We are excited to tell you about a great new way to purchase our music by digital download, right here in the Bedroom Community Shop. Payment is convenient and secure by credit card or PayPal. 

Before making a purchase you can stream entire albums, share links to the player on Facebook, Twitter, blogs and click “download” right from the album player (like the one on here above). Although we are inviting you to stream our entire catalog, please remember that it’s a good thing to buy the the albums you like so that we can continue to make music and release more in the future. 



High quality files and artwork:


Choose between multiple DRM-free* file formats before you download either high quality MP3s or AAC, VBR, Apple Lossless, or FLAC formats. All our albums come with the original artwork, lyrics and liner notes in a PDF booklet file that you can open from within your iTunes.



Name your price:


You can download whole albums, not individual tracks. We’ve decided to let you name the price you wish to pay for each album, with a 5.00 euro (ca. $7.00) minimum. This means that you can pay the humble minimum, or more. Useful for those who wish to show even greater appreciation for the work that goes into creating each of these records. We will also be offeringexclusive material as well as bonus tracks and videos.



Order a CD and get a free download code while you wait:


We know that many of you will still prefer the CD or LP delivered to your door, and you can continue to buy our records directly from the source as always. But now you will also get a free download code emailed to you shortly after you order a CD, so that you can download the album you bought immediately. Best of both worlds!


What are you waiting for? Get shopping.


Latest Releases

The Centre Cannot Hold
Released on 29 September 2017
LP, CD, Digital
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Released on 11 August 2017
LP, CD, Digital
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Threshold Of Faith EP
Released on 28 July 2017
LP, Digital
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