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11 January 2017

Nico Muhly & Valgeir Sigurðsson Interview: The Line Of Best Fit

''Tonight Will Be Fine: A History of the Bedroom Community Label''

Valgeir Sigurðsson & Nico Muhly discuss the history of the label with The Line Of Best Fit.

Read the full article here.

''...more of an ecosystem cultivating music than a traditional record label, one which has birthed beautiful work from not only the aforementioned but composers and songwriters as diverse as Paul Corley, Puzzle Muteson and, more recently, the likes of aYia. With Valgeir Sigurdsson's Greenhouse Studios acting as the control centre, within ten years they've gone from being a side concern for a bunch of preternaturally talented composers and producers to become one of the most respected record labels in… the world? Yeah, I'll say it. The world.'' (Thomas Hannan, The Line Of Best Fit)

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