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24 September 2015

James McVinnie at Sound Unbound

London! BedCom will be representing at the Barbican’s Sound Unbound weekender on October 31st, 2015.

James McVinnie will be performing “Twitchy Organs” and “Rev’d Mustard his installation prelude,” both composed by fellow Bedroom Commuter Nico Muhly, as well as a number of other organ works by composers such as Bach, Messiaen, and Stravinsky.

This is a wonderful festival in which they present some of the best music ever written in a casual, friendly way—without all the pomp and circumstance associated with what is essentially just old new music!

Get your tickets here.

See you there!



What the press says

Taking the composer’s schitzophrenic and haunting amalgamation of layered notes and texture, McVinnie breathes life into Cycles with dark intensity. The turbulence of Muhly’s compositions feels slightly more delicate and sparkling pouring out of the pipe organ, building and growing to a powerful and stimulating abrupt end. And as is usually the case with Muhly’s music, leaves you craving the next note.

Hillary Weston — BlackBook Magazine (July 2nd 2013) Read all reviews

James Mcvinnie’s playing is cavernous and lifted. the higher notes are like cascading crystals that sparkle in an abundant, musical flourish, but the instrument is also capable of an unrivalled thunderous roar. cycles switches between the two extremes at one point or another, taking in the wide, intervallic range of the instrument, allowing the music to breathe deeply but keeping everything compact and restricted to an upright, almost regal posture.

Fluid Radio (July 29th 2013) Read all reviews

McVinnie’s feel for the many moods in the cycle is as impressive as his technical command of the organ.

Q2 (August 5th 2013) Read all reviews

‘Cycles’ is a big, big sound, cathedral-esque and in places overwhelming, with only the addition of the violin and the beautiful tenor vocal performance from Simon Wall on the first part of ‘Seven O Antiphon Preludes’.

Norman Records (August 8th 2013) ★★★★★★★ Read all reviews


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