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15 January 2008



Our first release of 2008 is coming up in a few weeks, 4th February in fact. You can now pre-order this sublime album from our online shop and be among the first to get a copy. 


Sam Amidon delivers his renderings of traditional Appalachian songs in a unique voice accompanied by his guitar and banjo. The tracks were then produced by Valgeir Sigurðsson in his Greenhouse Studios in Iceland, who as well as providing bass-lines, electronic textures and percussion, called on the services of Nico Muhly to write orchestrations that add a completely new dimension and depth unheard in context of these songs. Other participants include Ben Frost, Eyvind Kang, Aaron Siegel and Morse.


Watch a video for the first single ‘Saro’ here.


Pre-order Sam Amidon’s ‘All Is Well’ here.


Listen to samples on MySpace: Sam Amidon / Bedroom Community

21 October 2007


Filmed during the Iceland Airwaves festival recently we present this live version of ‘Focal Point’ from Valgeir Sigurðsson’s Ekvílibríum. This recording was made by the Airwaves Podcast-team at Greenhouse Studios and features Nico Muhly on piano, Sigga Sunna Reynisdóttir on electric piano and glock and Valgeir on percussion and keys. Click here to watch - Enjoy!


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Threshold Of Faith EP
Released on 28 July 2017
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