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24 February 2009



Sam Amidon is presently in Iceland for a week to work on his new album, to be released later this year. Sam has been touring in England, Belgium and France for the past couple of weeks and for those lucky enough to be in Iceland, Sam will give a perfomance at the monthly Bedroom Community night at Kaffibarinn on Wednesday the 25th at 21:00.


Guests at Kaffibarinn might hit the jackpot and hear a story like this one:



P.S. for those going to SXSW, add this to your calendar: 

Sam Amidon will perform on Friday, March 20   8:15 p.m.

18th Floor at Hilton Garden Inn   (500 N IH 35)

18 December 2008



“I think he [Nico Muhly] is probably one of the most exciting young composers in America today, and he's also, in the music world, he's a big star, a big prodigy and conducts all over the world, and I think he's going to be one of the most astonishing contemporary American composers, so I think we were incredibly lucky to have had him”

-Stephen Daldry, director.

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16 December 2008



Sam Amidon has just returned from a tour where he opened for singer Jolie Holland as well as performing with her band.


Sam’s own spectacular show is always sure to surprise and even confuse his audience but we believe that he may have reached new heights here when we read this incredible review by blogger and aspiring music-criticDavid Harfield.


David writes:

Letting your retarded friend open a show for you is either a benevolent act of charity, or a shrewd ploy to lower audience expectations; either way, after Sam Amidon’s support set that consisted of tuneless, banjo-accompanied sea shanties, each interrupted by nonsensical monologues and culminating with a break-dancing finale, any performance Jolie Holland had churned out would have been greeted with warm enthusiasm by the audience at Ruby Lounge, Manchester.


This reminds one of this scene from Tropic Thunder. Words of wisdom:

6 October 2008



To give you a taste of what's Bedroom Community will be up to at Iceland Airwaves 2008 we invite you to a very special and intimate one-night-only performance from composer Ben Frost. 


Frost has spent the last year or so creating the follow up to his acclaimed 2007 LP Theory of Machines, an album lauded by the local and international community, referred to, among other things as "...the future of electronic music" and Ben himself as " of the most interesting and groundbreaking musicians in the world today". 


Frost will be accompanied by Iceland Symphony bassist Borgar Magnasson and two brass players - exclusively sneak previewing a piece from his forthcoming and still as yet untitled second Lp for Bedroom Community. In addition, expect impeccable taste in new music throughout the night from Bedroom Community DJ Mio.



This event is #4 in the series of nights at Kaffibarinn hosted by Bedroom Community, first Wednesday every month.


Wednesday 8th October 21:00 - 01:00


Free admission.


Links: /

30 September 2008



The Icelandic Symphony Orchestra is performing a piece by Nico Muhly this week. The piece is called Wish You Were Here and was written for and premiered by Boston Pops in 2007. Click on the title to read more about the piece in English, tickets are available here:, and the concerts are this coming Thursday and Friday (October 2nd and 3rd). 

The Friday show is short, sweet and cheap, only 1000 ISK! While the program on Thursday is bigger and a little more expensive. Those who are mostly interested in hearing Muhly’s piece should go on Friday (and attend the aftershow pool-party with the Orchestra) but if you fancy some Debussy as well then go on Thursday.

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