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12 January 2016

Ben, Nico, Valgeir & Sam - The Whale Watching Tour

In celebration of our 10th Anniversary this year, the three founders of Bedroom Community : Valgeir Sigurðsson, Ben Frost, and Nico Muhly, join fellow Community artists Sam Amidon, Nadia Sirota, Borgar Magnason, Una Sveinbjarnardóttir, and Helgi Jónsson on a Whale Watching Tour of the United States in March and April.

“The Whale Watching Tour is an opportunity to manifest what we, as a record label and a collective of disparate musical personalities, do behind the closed doors of the studio. To create something uniquely belonging to the live experience from source material that is very familiar to us. These shows are fuelled by joyful energy and appreciation for each other but also tension, blood and sweat that makes it all the more rewarding at the end of the day.” - VALGEIR SIGURÐSSON

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11 January 2016

Emily Hall Corinthia Hotel Installation

On January 25 our own Emily Hall’s new opera installation, Found and Lost, premieres at the Cornithia Hotel London.  It is an imaginative, site-specific work that takes an audience of 12 through the hotel to witness a musical drama unfold in some of its most beautiful spaces.
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11 December 2015

YULE 2015!

Happy Holidays! Here's to Yule tidings and happiness to all creatures, great and small. The world may well be a bit topsy turvy, but we're sticking with what we know and love, and as such we have created our annual YULE (free!) download for you to enjoy. 

This years edition is a feast for your ears and includes previously unreleased works from Ben FrostValgeir SigurðssonNadia Sirota, Nico MuhlyJodie Landau / wild UpEmily Hall and James McVinnie

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4 December 2015

WIDE SLUMBER For Lepidopterists Wins Award!

WIDE SLUMBER has been selected as one of 14 (out of 450!!) winning productions by the Music Theatre Now competition!

Music Theatre Now is a project whereby they judge productions of new works, which were realized anywhere in the world since July 2012.

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26 November 2015

BC Friday Sale! 50% off any CD & Vinyl

Time to celebrate life and musc with a flash 50% off sale happening in our shop, right NOW!
Simply use the code bcfriday and get 50% off any CD and or vinyl of your choice!

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